Artists Help Japan is a movement.  So if your community is donating your fund to other associations, we are still happy to work with you!  In the end, it is not about helping our recommended funds but about helping Japan!

But we do have our funds set up with two recommended NPOs.
As we have researched about what would be the best way to help Japan effectively in this devastating situations, we came up with our very own recommendations.   We investigated through our sources from non-profit fields in Japan and found out that it is important that whatever NPOs of our choice should be working with good local NPOs in Japan.

Based on our investigation, we came up with two organizations we trust

 Mercy Corps


Many asked us why we are not donating to large places like Red Cross.  In the end, most large corporations and celebrities are donating to large organizations like Red Cross.
We certainly believe there are things only large NPOs can do. And at the same time, there are things mid sized NPOs can do very well too.

It was important to us that our fund is going towards good trustworthy organizations in Japan.

Why Mercy Corps is Our Choice

Mercy Corps is one of the most well-regarded NPOs in the U.S.  So you may already know how good they work in these situations as you can see their efficiency rating on Charity Navigator.
But there is even a particular reason why we wanted to create a fund with them now.
Mercy Corps is working in partnership with Peace Winds Japan.   After our research in Japanese nonprofit community, it was important to us that the fund is going to Peace Winds that is getting rave reviews among non profit community in Japan. 
Mercy Corps is highly regarded and large non profit 

 >>>>Donate to AHJ with Mercy Corps!

Why Give2Asia is Our Choice

Give2Asia has partnerships with local NPOs in Japan that know how to help in Japan.
We definitely believe in other options to help too.  So please do not think this is the only way but we do believe this is one of the most effective ways.

>>>>>Donate to AHJ with Give2Asia

*** Give2Asia's Strategy

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 earthquake struck thenortheast coast of Japan near the city of Sendai. The
earthquake generated a massive tsunami with waves as high as 30 feet, resulting in floods, fires, and the closure of airports and transit systems. Thousands of people were killed, and homes, fields and towns were flooded or destroyed completely. The disaster also affectedJapan’s nuclear power infrastructure causing radiation leaks and shutting down at least three of the plants supplying electricity for the entire country.


Give2Asia has identified several local Japanese organizations that are responding to the disaster, such as:
• Japanese Emergency NGOs (JEN)
• Rescue Stock Yard
• Saigai Volunteer Katsudo Shien Project Kaigi
• Niigata Saigai (Disaster Volunteer Network)
• Shanti Volunteer Association

These organizations have the knowledge and relationships to provide appropriate assistance that
respects and involves the survivors. We are working with these organizations to obtain more
information about their relief operations and how Give2Asia can help. Because conditions and needs
change rapidly in a post-disaster situation, Give2Asia strikes a balance that is flexible while also ensuring
transparency and accountability as to how funds are used. In addition to these groups, Give2Asia
continues to network with partners in Japan to stay abreast of evolving needs and opportunities.


Since 2001, Give2Asia has raised million of dollars to support relief and recovery efforts for over 20
disasters across Asia. For example:
- 2008 Sichuan Earthquake: Give2Asia was the second largest U.S. donor, after the Red Cross, to
support relief and recovery efforts for earthquake survivors. We provided $16.9 million for the relief
as well as longer term projects such as to rebuild schools, livelihood training, educational programs
for children and youth, and psychosocial support. We continue to support projects in the area.
- 2010 Pakistan Flooding: Following massive floods in western Pakistan, Give2Asia used its local
presence and partnerships with indigenous groups to support relief and recovery, which is ongoing.
Give2Asia’s partnerships with local NGOs enable it to assist some the hardest-to-reach

www.give2asia.org | 465 California Street, Suite 806, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA | 415.743.3336

***Are you from England and want to support in British Pound?

Here is your answer!

This fund we created in England will go directly to Civic Force.   Civic Force is another highly regarded local NPO in Japan founded by Kensuke Onishi who also founded Peace Winds Japan which we introduced to you a few days ago on this blog. The reason why we decided to work with Mercy Corps is that they are in partnership with Peace Winds.   Both Civic Force and Peace Winds Japan are considered to be great choices that are doing effective work in the rescue efforts in hard hit areas in northern Japan.