*Artists have done many successful fund raising auctions such as Totoro Forest Project and Art Blocks for Ghana.    Are you planning another art auction to raise money for this?

YES!  We believe there are things artists can do!
We are in the process of setting up something like that.
This time, we may have to be more creative and ask each artist to step up to do more than just creating artwork.   We will keep you posted.  Please keep your eye on this blog.

* I want to contribute to this from Europe/Canada.  What do I do?

As of now, our funds are set up in U.S. and England.  We are almost there with a set up in Japan and Australia.  We would like to do more in other countries.  So please stay tuned!

Of course, doesn't mean we won't need your support now.  If you can spread the words out on your blog, facebook, we'd really appreciate it.

*Where does this money go?

Artists Help Japan Mercy Corps fund will go directly to Peace Winds Japan which is one of highest regarded NPO working on the mission in Japan right now based on our research. 

Artists Help Japan Give2Asia fund will go directly to Give2Asia's main Japan Earthquake Fund.
Give2Asia also has partnerships with several local NPOs in Japan that will make our funds used more efficiently. 

*Why Give2Asia and Mercy Corps?   Is it better than Red Cross or other NPOs?

Give2Asia is only one of the many ways for you to help.    Give2Asia was an NPO that was able to set up a portal for artists very quickly and of course, they are well regarded with their work in Japan.   But this does not mean Give2Asia is the only option for you.

There are many well run NPOs out there that set up funds for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami disaster.
Here are some we can recommend based on their reputation of their efficient fund management as well as their work in Japan.

International Rescue Committee
Direct Relief International

Aritsts Help Japan fund is created mainly to bring artists together to help Japan as we believe there are special roles we artists play in the world.  We are in the process of starting with partnership with some of these NPOs above.

*Is this fund related to Pixar in any way?

No.  Some of the organizers happen to be Pixar artists but this fund does not represent the company in any ways.