We support YOUR OWN Artists Help Japan event!
There will be many exciting events coming up.  Please go visit any of these events if you are near!
This is going to be a lot of fun to come visit and you can help the cause at the same time!

Events   (** means the event proceeds will be donated to Artists Help Japan Fund)

March 24th   VIZ Media Relief by the Pint, San Francisco CA  **

March 26th     ToonSeum Charity Screening,  Pittsburgh PA. **

March 26th   The Strange Invaders Charity Concert  Bellmore NY **

April 2nd    Maverix Art Auction at Super Frog Gallery, San Francisco CA  **


April 2nd    Rise Japan at Kokoro Studio and Gallery Heist, San Francisco CA **


April 2nd    Bake Sale For Japan,  Various Cities    


April 7th    Rise Japan at ARC Gallery , San Francisco CA **

April 8th   Charity Concert by Jero, @ UC Berkeley Wheeler Hall, CA**

April 16-17th  Japanese CG Artists in Bay Area at Cherry Blossom Festival

April 16th Worldwide Sketchcrawl, Various Cities**

April 17th Artists Help Japan Toronto  

April 18th Japan Benefit Concert by Califia San Fransico

April 23rd   Art For Japan Show Gallery Nucleus,  Los Angeles CA**

InCase iPhone Case Pledge Drive  

April 29th Artists Help Japan, a performance art benefit concert Honolulu Hawaii.**

April 30th  Gallery Arludik En Aide Au Japon, Paris France
30,000 Euros! ($42,000 USD)

May 7th Animators VS Earthquakes London England **

May 15th Artists Help Japan at Art Institute of California  Los Angels CA **

May 21st Sedona Arts Center Art Auction Sedona Arizona **

June 11th  The Sun Will Rise Again, Mosaic Gallery,   Pamona CA **

-----more coming!!