Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One, ひとつ this Saturday in San Francisco

This Saturday, industry top talents gather at One、ひとつ at Super Frog Gallery to auction off their beautiful art work. Its entire proceeds will go to Artists Help Japan Mercy Corps. And better yet! Buyers(not the artists who donated their work) will receive donation receipts for their entire payment! You get to own art and get the tax write off! You cannot beat that!

So come on by to the party. Meet the artists. Own the art!
And ultimately help Japan!

Here is the PR video composer/editor Zach Johnston created for us!  Dan Govier also helped score this beautiful music

"One" / Artists Help Japan Event Promotional Video from Curio on Vimeo.
Created by Zach Johnston and Dan Govier using Patrick Awa's donated painting

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