Friday, March 25, 2011

Update from Japan----Mercy Corps/Peace Winds Japan

 Hi everyone,

We thought we would share with you how Mercy Corps and Peace Winds Japan are effectively helping victims.  With thousands of survivors in need for help, they are making progress most effectively.

Here is the message we got from Japan.

Japan is going through one of the worst -- and most complex -- emergencies in recent memory. An earthquake, tsunami waves and a nuclear crisis have destroyed cities and displaced thousands of survivors. But, with your generous support, we're rushing relief to them alongside our partner Peace Winds.

Here are the latest developments from our emergency response team:

Yesterday, we delivered 510 kerosene space heaters and 80 family-sized emergency tents to survivors who are braving frigid temperatures in northeastern Japan.
In all, the team has distributed the following supplies to families in four disaster-stricken cities:
  • three large shelters that can accommodate up to 100 people
  • 164 smaller tents that hold up to five people each
  • 1,720 blankets
  • 1,210 kerosene space heaters
  • 100,000 medical face masks
  • towels, mattresses, clothing and bottled water
  • 570 blue tarps for additional shelter
  • and food items such as bread, instant rice, apples and oranges.
Next week, we will begin providing post-trauma help to Japanese children using Comfort for Kids, a program that helps children recover from the emotional effects of a large-scale disaster. We've used Comfort for Kids in a variety of emergency responses, including the aftermaths of the Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Katrina.

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