Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Total Tally Update : Artists Are Doing Their Part Everywhere!

The situation in Japan isn't calming down.  With the world media's focus shifting away from Japan, the biggest challenge lies with survivors of the earthquake now.

Artists Help Japan made a conscious effort to find the right approach to use our fund in Japan and we see some good progress with our partners Mercy Corps and Give2Asia.

Check out the progress of their humanitarian efforts

Now, let's talk about what we have done as Artsits Help Japan so far.

As of May 22nd weekend, 

Artists Help Japan Fund with Give2Asia  =  $73,044.46
Artists Help Japan Fund with Mercy Corps  =  $45,235

Artists Help Japan Fund U.S. Total =  $118,279.46


Artists Help Japan Paris =  $42,609 (30k euro)
Artists Help Japan Toronto = $20,000 
Artists Help Japan London = $11,387(about 7000 british pound)

so worldwide,  Artists Help Japan raised $192,275.46!!!!!!!

and many other events that are in partnership with Artists Help Japan whose efforts may not be reflected in the total above because they are donating their proceeds to other non-profit.

We are not wealthy corporations or celebrities but we are all artists who want to do something with our art.  And look what we could gather.  Truly inspiring.

What is so special with this particular case is that this was initiated by various artists communities around the world. It wasn't just one event where artists had to rely on to do the event.  Everyone stepped up and did a little more to make it happen.
Many of them had never done any charity events before but their passion made it possible to raise this much money. 

Thank you everyone and we all should be proud of this.
And let's not stop this momentum.   There are MORE events coming!


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