Thursday, March 7, 2013

Second Anniversary Fundraiser ----Dice Tsutsumi's close sale

As the second anniversary of Tsunami tragedy approaches, Pixar art director Dice Tsutsumi is doing once again Artists Help Japan auction to bring some awareness of the tragedy.

In the past two years, Artists Help Japan raised over $250,000 and donated to our trusted partners Mercy Corps and Give2Asia.

This time, it is very small with only Dice's personal possessions.  This won't raise too much but hopefully it will raise a bit of awareness and show that we have not forgotten.

After the overwhelming international support in the first year, the help and support in the affected areas is losing its steam.  
Many of the affected areas are in danger of turning into ghost towns with the financial support running out soon.  
The government and corporations are now pushing through re-opening many of the nuclear power plants as the world memory of the horror experience with its nuclear disaster is slowly fading away.
Most sadly, the recent survey shows that Japanese people have less room to even think about the affected areas only after a few years from the disaster.  Not to mention some of us outside of Japan may be thinking even less.

All the proceeds will be donated to Mercy Corps.  They have done some really good job in partnership with a few of the best NPOs in Japan. 
But again, more than the money, your support is going to help us show people in Japan that we have not forgotten.

If you have friends who may be interested, please spread the word out.


  1. Time flies so fast and it's been two years since the tsunami tragedy in Japan happened. Memories are still vivid and the pain is still excruciating but Japanese remain resilient and didn't lose hope.

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