Monday, March 14, 2011

Answering Your Questions about the Fund

Situations in Japan have gone worse every hour.  This is really heartbreaking.On top of rising number of victims from the earthquakes and tsunami, it is now facing the potential of one of the worst nuclear plant disasters in the world history. 

What we can do from here may be small.  Very small for the help they need.
But small is still better than nothing.

Since we set up this fund on Saturday, we have raised over $16,000 in just a few days.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the community.   And many many people out there are on the same page with our belief.


We also received offers from a few groups that they are planning to have a benefit event and want to donate their proceeds to this fund.  One of them is a group of musicians and yes, musicians are artists too!  We will keep you posted with the details of the events.

Also, Picture Book Project Foundation, who has set up the successful fund raiser Art Blocks for Ghana will be donating a part of their proceeds from the Ghana auction to Artists Help Japan Fund.  We will be working closely with Picture Book Project for our future fund raising projects.

*****Ok, here are the answers to the questions we have received *****

*Artists have done many successful fund raising auctions such as Totoro Forest Project and Art Blocks for Ghana.    Are you planning another art auction to raise money for this?

YES!  We believe there are things artists can do!
We are in the process of setting up something like that.
This time, we may have to be more creative and ask each artist to step up to do more than just creating artwork.   We will keep you posted.  Please keep your eye on this blog.

* I want to contribute to this from Europe/Canada.  What do I do?

This fund is mainly for US donors.  If you live outside of the U.S. there must be local NPOs collecting funds to help people in Japan.  We would hate to lose your fund by transferring your currency to U.S. dollar which would eventually go to Japan.   All the major NPOs should have local offices accepting donations in your region.

Of course, doesn't mean we won't need your support.  If you can spread the words out on your blog, facebook, we'd really appreciate it.

*Where does this money go?

Artists Help Japan fund will go directly to Give2Asia's main Japan Earthquake Fund.
Artists Help Japan is created as a simple portal to get artists united to help.  We have worked with Give2Asia and we believe they will use the fund wisely for what's most needed in Japan.

*How is Give2Asia planning to spend the fund?

Here is the message I got from Give2Asia program officer Gillian Ira Yeoh

Give2Asia Disaster Response Strategy
Since 2001, Give2Asia has raised over US$27 million to support relief and recovery efforts for over 20 disasters across Asia. Based on our experiences, Give2Asia has developed a disaster response strategy to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the funds.

Give2Asia’s primary focus after a disaster is to support medium- and long-term recovery efforts, because funding traditionally flows to immediate relief and drops off well before the recovery is complete.  We also support relief activities, especially when the needs are particularly acute and prolonged.  While each disaster in each location is unique, we generally support programs that facilitate sustainable recovery for the affected communities, including psychosocial healing for survivors, education programs to get youth back in school as quickly as possible, and skills training to help rebuild livelihoods. We believe in supporting local organizations that have established relationships with the affected communities whenever possible.  These organizations have the knowledge and relationships to provide appropriate assistance that respects and involves the survivors.  Because conditions and needs change rapidly in a post-disaster situation, Give2Asia strikes a balance that is flexible while also ensuring transparency and accountability as to how funds are used.

Through our on-the-ground presence and advisors, we have knowledge of and access to many local non-profit organizations. Our local advisor is providing us with updates on the situation and emerging needs on an ongoing basis, and will recommend local organizations and projects responding to the disaster as information becomes available.  We will keep our community informed as we learn of new facts and opportunities to help.

*Why Give2Asia?   Is it better than Red Cross or other NPOs?

Give2Asia is only one of the many ways for you to help.    Give2Asia was an NPO that was able to set up a portal for artists very quickly and of course, they are well regarded with their work in Japan.   But this does not mean Give2Asia is the only option for you.

There are many well run NPOs out there that set up funds for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami disaster.
Here are some we can recommend based on their reputation of their efficient fund management as well as their work in Japan.

Doctor's Without Borders
International Rescue Committee
Direct Relief International
Mercy Corps

Aritsts Help Japan fund is created mainly to bring artists together to help Japan as we believe there are special roles we artists play in the world.  We are in the process of starting with partnership with some of these NPOs above.

*Is this fund related to Pixar in any way?

No.  Some of the organizers happen to be Pixar artists but this fund does not represent the company in any ways.

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  1. Hi there
    I am representing recording artist Meja, who has her big fan base in Japan. She is very worried and wants to participate in any way. Can you please submit an email adress so we can get in touch? Best regards Therese, Seven Sisters Network