Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another way to help


Nuclear crisis is getting worse and worse.
On top of all the victims from Tsunami and the earthquakes where over 20,000 people are still stuck waiting to be rescued, they have to deal with potentially one of the worst nuclear disasters in the world history.

It is just excruciating to say the least.

Again, what we can do from here may be small, but this small voice of artists community can still be something.  We believe it is.

As of 10 pm  Tuesday, 3 plus days after we set up this fund, we raised over $23,000.
It is absolutely amazing and there are lots of generous souls out there.

But there can be a lot more done.  Even if you don't have anymore money to give.

Here is how

There have been many artists who have sold their art work to fund raise on their own.  I tried last night posting 5 signed copies of my children's book as well as limited edition prints of my paintings to see if anyone would buy them for slightly higher prices and I'd donate the entire payment towards Aritsts Help Japan Fund. 
6,7 hours later, I have received 15 orders.   In the end, I sold extra copies to pile up my donation to $1520.   Basically it was a collaboration donation between artist and buyer.   No one had to pay too much but the result came out to be the number I can't afford otherwise.

If you have already donated as much as you could afford, this may be another way to help.
One advantage being an artist! 

Imagine, if 1,000 artists did this, we can potentially reach $ 1 million over night.
Am I dreaming?  Maybe.

I say, it's worth the try.

Visit my blog for an example


  1. Hi. I'm living in Japan and I and a group of artists (recruiting anyone who want to contribute) are trying to raise funds in a similar way in our Red Cross page :
    If you or anyone else is interested in contributing art and a profile, please let me know. Funds raised go directly into the Red Cross system.
    Another request is would it be possible to use the logo of this site 'Artists Help Japan' as our main photo to catch peoples eye and also explain what we are all about.
    Either way, we would appreciate whatever help you can give.

  2. hello wade

    sorry we missed this comment. it went to the spam folder. the link you sent doesn't exist.
    if you want us to contact you please email at