Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art Block for Ghana

Hi everyone

It's been a week since we started Artists Help Japan movement.  We raised over $50, 000.  Yes, the funding has slowed down a bit as expected.  But this is just a beginning.  As you know, there are still tens of thousand people waiting for help over there.  The local NPOs have reported that it was much worse than they expected and it require a lot more to assemble this rescue mission.  We are going to announce quite a few fund raising events this coming week.  Let the real work begin!    Stay tuned.

While we are building our art movement, Art Block for Ghana was one source of inspiration to bring artists together for a worthy cause. 


Art Block for Ghana is taking bids as we speak here.   Don’t miss it!
We have less than a day left to bid on some amazing pieces donated for this cause.
This project is led by our beloved friend Rachel Tap-Daniels and Picture Books Project Foundation. 

This project is a fund raising auction involving more than 200 artists across the country from illustration to animation industry.   They are trying to build home for kids in Ghana.  It’s a beautiful project.  And there are lots of beautiful pieces donated for this project.

If you are new to fund raising art auction, check this out.  And get a taste of this wonderful thing artists can do cuz there will be a lot more coming in the next few weeks to help Japan!

Picture Books Project Foundation is a 501c NPO and they will be one of the main supporters of Artists Help Japan Fund.   We are very very proud to be working with them to make Artists Help Japan movement even stronger.

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