Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Is A Movement

With the heated situation in Libya over the weekend, the public focus might have derailed a bit from what's happening in Japan. But there are still many many people trying to come up with what they can to help people in Japan.  We have received more fund raising event proposals. 

There are some art communities that will donate their proceeds to Red Cross but still want to join our force of Artists Help Japan.   We absolutely welcome them!  Ultimately, this is a movement rather than just one particular fund.  We have our recommendations as far as where we want to dedicate our funds to. But the point of this movement is really, what we can do together as artists.

Talk about the fund, in the meantime, we have done some extensive research for what we believe is most effective to bring our funds to.  While we still believe give2Asia is an excellent choice, we will be announcing more NPO partners very soon to have more choices! 

There are some super super exciting events that will join our Artists Help Japan Movement.
We are dropping our jaws as we see proposals from some of the communities.
It's getting more than what we expected.
Stay Tuned!!

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