Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grassroots Event #4 -----The Strange Invaders

Tonight, at KJ Farrell's Bellmore NY, this rock band the Strange Invaders are performing to support Artists Help Japan Movement.   The event's proceeds will go to Artists Help Japan Fund.

We we first received the notice about their fund raising gig, we were a little surprised.  We did not expect a band from New York to find out about and support our cause.  This may not be a big event like the upcoming fund raising auction One--ひとつ in San Francisco, but this means JUST AS BIG to us artists community as well as to people in Japan.  How inspiring. 

We were simply curious how they decided to join the force.  So we asked the band member Jason Giummule a few questions...

Q1: How did you find out about Artists Help Japan Movement? and why did you decide to join this cause?

 We found out about the Artists Help Japan Movement through a suggestion from a friend online. Like most bands, we don't have much money to donate on our own, but this is a way that we can help.

Q2: any of your band members have personal connections with Japan?

 The personal connection we have with Japan is just trying to have the humanism which lacks throughout our culture nowadays. They are in need, this is a way that we can help.

Q3:Do you believe in the power of art(in your case music) to provide something more than a monetary fund to make a difference? Is this sort of fund raising gig something you guys have done in the past too?

3. Of course, we are hoping that our music can be used in other areas associated with this cause. The other artist performing that night is a great rock singer/songwriter by the name of "Grace Read", that without hesitation wanted to be involved. Whether it be online ads, or commercials, if there is any way our music can be involved in other areas, please let us know, as all proceeds would go to Artists Help Japan. Our daily struggle as Lower-Class Americans living paycheck to paycheck is nothing in comparison to the devastation happening in Japan. No, but we will be a part of as many that will have us. Be in touch if there is anything else that we can do to help out with our music.

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