Saturday, March 26, 2011

Many Communities Are Doing Their Part!

Do you like eating good food?
The restaurant industry is also doing their part!  This was a very successful fund raiser in the past.  You get to taste great food and that helps Japan?  Sign me up!
As soon as we found out about them, we contacted them and said we will be partners! 
Chefs are artists right?

Here are more communities doing what they can to help.   It's so inspiring how creative all these guys are to help their own ways.

this is a great site for kids who want to help Japan!

ebay art auction of ceramic artists, some VERY well known..

 local NPR station in hudson valley region of NY had a 8 hr fundraiser on the radio Monday and raised $188,000.00!

"Love Art & Help Japan" these guys created the fund collection boxes and placed them at many galleries in NYC!

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  1. USAToday has a help article for different ways to donate to Japan - . Also Nissan is giving $1M to Japan relief. They have given $500K already and are matching $500K. You can see how to provide matching donations at