Monday, March 28, 2011

Swedish Singer Meja Joins Artists Help Japan!

Meja, a popular Swedish musician is heading Artists Help Japan--Sweden Team!  
She will be working with Swedish non profit to get their own fund raising effort going.
Details will be announced very soon

Last year, she did an album called Animeja, a collection of Ghibli cover songs in English.   She has become extremely popular after her beautiful adaptation of Ghibli songs we all loved.   She came out of her way to contact us because Japan was such a special place for her.

She contacted us a day after we created Artists Help Japan Fund and we have been talking to her back and forth to maximize her charisma to help our effort to help Japan. There are a few great ideas, we are tossing around.  Stay tuned with Meja's magic! 

Check out one of her Ghibli songs on youtube.

What a strong ally we got in Meja!!

More about meja, go here >>>>


  1. It's amazing to see how some many are helping the Japanese people. USAToday has a help article for different ways to donate to Japan - . Also Nissan is giving $1M to Japan relief. They have given $500K already and are matching $500K. You can see how to provide matching donations at

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