Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Start Your Own Fund Raising Event With Us!

While it's hard to stay positive watching news from Japan, there are lots of positive things with Artists Help Japan movement.

As of Wednesday evening, 4 days after the launch, we have raised over $38,000.  And that's through just individual cash donations.

Now we have been contacted by local art communities from Paris, Tronto, LA, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco that they are hosting fund raising event as a part of this movement!!! I am so impressed.  The power of artists.  It is totally grassroots movement.

I will list these events soon but if YOU are planning a fund raising event as a part of Artists Help Japan movement, please contact us!  Let's do this together.  Let's unite!

Here is the email


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  1. I'll be in. Please let me know if there are any events or whatever I can do for Japan.