Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Japanese Enka Star Jero is Helping Artists Help Japan!

U.C. Berkeley Center for Japan Studies is hosting a popular Japanese Enka singer Jero this Friday 4/8 at prestigious Wheeler Auditorium on Cal campus and UC. Berkeley and Jero both will be calling for fund raising effort to support Artists Help Japan Mercy Corps.

Jero is an unexpected African American idol who sings fluent Japanese folk genre Enka. 
U.C. Berkeley Center for Japan Studies is taking this opportunity to grant the American pop star from Japan their second Japan New Vision Award.  Donation will be collected at his upcoming concert this Friday.


  1. OMG! I so wish I was in California, Jero is amazing!

  2. I did have the good fortune to attend Jero's UC Berkeley performance and interview tonight. He was most gracious and appreciative of the award and treated the audience to 8 songs including several well-known enka plus a beautifully arranged song he sang as a tribute to his mother. Jero ended with his cover version of the ever popular "Sukiyaki" song. During the interview portion of tonight's performance, Jero talked about the oft made comparison between Japanese enka and American blues music. When asked if he might consider blending enka with hip hop, for example, the artist said he doesn't want to compromise the traditional style of enka but that he might consider some sort of collaboration with other genres of music. . Before leaving the stage, a little boy and his kimono-clad mother came up on stage to present Jero with a lovely bouquet of flowers to show their appreciation.