Monday, April 4, 2011

One, ひとつ---HUGE SUCCESS!

One, ひとつ was a HUGE success.
All of 50 art work was sold and hundreds of people came to the show. This was where artists came to unite to help Japan. Our final number was $30,605, well over our goal. Considering we only had a few weeks to prepare, it is an amazing success!! Many thanks to all the volunteers and special thanks to Vaughn Ross and Sho Murase of Maverix Studios to lead this event and Seiji Horibuchi of New People to give us space at high end Superfrog Gallery.

It was one special moment where many many people, many nationalities, many races, artists or art lovers came together to pray for Japan.   Again, the money part may still be small for what they need over in Japan but the energy this event created symbolized what art can do to make a difference.

We will also make a full report on other events that happened this weekend!!


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  1. Good guys have a good sense of humor

    Annoy-mous in Japan