Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photographer Arito Suzuki from Ishimaki

Japanese photographer Arito Suzuki just came back from his 3 week humanitarian volunteer work in heavily affected city Ishimaki in Japan.  Many of you may remember Arito's talent as a photographer from the genuinely captured photography of Sayama Kyuryo a.k.a. Totoro Forest for the Totoro Forest Auction back in 2008.  
Check out his photography of the honest reactions and lives of the people at the refugee camp.  No matter what we do to raise fund for Japan, it is impossible to truly understand what these people are going through.  Arito has shared his emotional experience through the lens with us.   This will give us something.  And hopefully we will keep our cause seeing these photos.

He is also selling his stunning photography as a fund raising pledge.  Don't be shy.

1 comment:

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