Monday, May 2, 2011

Now it is LONDON's turn to help Japan!

After successful events one after another in SF, LA, Toronto, and Paris, now British artists rose up to do their parts.  This will be a fund raising art show!!

The opening date has been changed to SAT 07th MAY, 7-9pm this is to cater for many people who couldn't make the original Friday date.

There are guidelines on the blog now regarding BIDDING & PAYMENT


Animators Vs Earthquakes Exhibition

In aid of Artists Help Japan
07.05.11 - 22.05.11 


77 Redchurch St
E2 7DJ 

Opening night: 07.05.11, 7-9 pm.


  1. It is really a good thing to do something to help the people of Japan. This is the time they not only need materiel help but also the moral support. They should know they are not alone and they have friends who are there to help them in their hard time all over the globe.

    Earthquake is quite common in Japan and I'm sure they know all the precautions they should follow.
    The earthquake preparedness tips Whittier would give a better knowledge about the various precautions to be followed

  2. Thank you so much for helping the people of Japan. As far as being prepared, I am all for being prepared for quakes. Recently I saw an earthquake simulator at a Navy base. It was so interesting because not only did it move, but they had furniture in it. Some of the furniture was fastened to the wall and other furniture was free standing. It didn't take much movement for even the large pieces of furniture to fall. I really want to protect my loved ones from being injured or even killed by something falling on them. So I am getting safety straps to hold my furniture to the walls. It's such an inexpensive way to protect people and pets. We all need to share ideas about how best to be prepared.

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